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Energy conservation is the inevitable choice for sustainable development

June 1, led by the National Development and Reform Commission, 40 departments of the "People's Republic of China Sustainable Development National Report" (the "Report") published in Beijing, which is China's first national report on sustainable development. "The report summarizes the efforts and progress made by China's implementation of the sustainable development strategy since 2001, analyzes the gaps and challenges, and clearly sets out future strategic initiatives." Du Ying, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, Say.

40 departments involved in the preparation of "report"

Du Ying introduced the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development will be held June 20 to 22 this year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This conference is an important international conference in the field of international sustainable development, following the World Conference on the Environment in 1992 and the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002.

"The Chinese government attaches great importance to this conference, approved by the State Council, in April last year, set up by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environmental Protection and other 29 departments jointly composed of the General Assembly of the Chinese Preparatory Committee "Said Du Ying.

This reporter learned that in the "report" in the preparation process, a total of 40 departments and related research institutions from the hundreds of personnel to participate in several departments, non-governmental organizations and the community's views and suggestions. The report has a broad public base that fully reflects the progress made in China's sustainable development over the past decade.

Improve the level of energy security

China through efforts to eliminate backward production capacity, strengthen energy conservation in key areas, and actively develop new energy and renewable energy and other measures to improve the level of energy security. "Report" said that over the past decade, China's energy self-sufficiency rate has remained at 90% or more, in 2010 the total energy consumption reached 3.25 billion tons of standard coal, energy self-sufficiency rate of 91.4%.

China's energy structure to coal-based, oil shortage, China's energy use and environmental protection has become increasingly prominent contradictions. As Du Ying said: "save energy, adjust the energy structure, the development of new energy is the inevitable choice for China 's sustainable development of energy.

"Report" also pointed out that China will build a resource-saving society as a strategic task of economic and social development, energy saving, rational development and utilization of mineral resources, strict protection of arable land and water resources as the focus, and actively promote the sustainable use of resources.

Key areas of energy saving achievements

In order to save energy resources, protect the environment and improve economic efficiency, the Chinese government has actively promoted energy conservation in key areas: the implementation of ten key energy-saving projects in industrial boilers, combined heat and power, and other key energy-saving projects to carry out energy conservation initiatives Consumption of energy-saving management, to promote energy audits and energy efficiency standards; in the field of manufacturing technology, the promotion of green design technology, energy saving and environmental protection of the new processing technology, industrial products, green dismantling and recycling remanufacturing technology to promote industrial production processes and product use The process of energy saving; in the field of building energy efficiency, to improve the implementation of new energy-efficient building standards, speed up the existing building energy-saving transformation, to promote renewable energy in the construction of large-scale application of the public office area for energy conservation.

For example, the Chinese government to implement the 2006-2010 10 key energy-saving projects, the central budget investment arrangements more than 80 billion yuan, the central government energy-saving emission reduction special funds to arrange more than 220 billion yuan, a total of more than 5200 key energy-saving projects. As of the end of 2010, the top ten key energy-saving projects accumulated 340 million tons of standard coal energy-saving capacity.

Another example is in the field of construction, to take to enhance the implementation rate of mandatory construction of new energy-saving standards to speed up the pace of existing energy-saving building to promote renewable energy in the construction of large-scale application of the public office area of energy-saving transformation measures The As a result of the multi-measures, as of the end of 2010, the national urban new architectural design stage of the implementation of energy-saving mandatory standards ratio of 99.5%, the construction phase of the implementation of energy-saving mandatory standards ratio of 95.4%.

Energy efficiency continues to improve

"Report" said that the Chinese government vigorously promote structural energy efficiency, optimize the industrial structure and spatial layout, eliminate backward technology, equipment and products, increase the advanced application of energy-saving technology to promote efforts to comprehensively strengthen energy management, energy efficiency in major energy-consuming industries year by year improve. Compared with 2005, the energy consumption of enterprises above designated size in 2010 decreased by 26%; the power consumption of thermal power was reduced from 370 g standard coal / kWh to 333 g standard coal / kWh, down 10% Energy consumption decreased from 688 kg standard coal to 605 kg standard coal, down 12.1%; cement comprehensive energy consumption decreased by 28.6%; ethylene comprehensive energy consumption decreased by 11.3%; synthetic ammonia comprehensive energy consumption decreased by 14.3%. Steel industry CDQ technology penetration rate increased to 80% or more, the new cathode aluminum electrolyzer, high voltage inverter, rare earth permanent magnet motor, plasma oil-free ignition and a large number of highly efficient energy-saving technologies and products are widely used.

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